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Colored wood information

The following woodtypes can be delivered as cutted wood (blockware) in different qualities and thicknesses.

Maple (sycamore maple, norway maple)

In Europe at home, maple belongs to the German real woods. It is a smoothly grained, yellow-white wood, even harder than beech or oak. Because of this and its elegant paleness, maple is demanded as instant-parquet and for massive table- and worktops.

Beech - at home in Europe

celebrated its premier usage in the kitchen within superior furniture construction as chopping-table. In these days the hard, smooth reddish wood is often used as parquet on the floor. Proved and tested as wood for chairs since prow-wood times and used also today for tables and wardrobes.

Douglas fir - at home in the west of North America

the Douglas fir is the Mercedes among coniferous woods not only because of its price: strongly grained, resistent against weather conditions, stable and decorative. For walls, ceilings, floors, balks, pergolas and scaffoldings.
In shops also known as Oregon Pine.

Ash tree - at home in Europe

ash tree ist the new wood in the construction of higher priced furniture. Simply but nevertheless expressively grained, tough and elestic (tool-handle), good to bleach, to stain and to glaze - often in black or white. The white-brown ash tree has almost taken the position of oak tree.

European Oak - at home in Europe and Northafrica

By now it can be purchased as boards made of bonded solid wood up to four metres in length. The olivebrown hardwood is universal - as furniture- and construction-wood, for parquet, panels, frames, windows and doors. Solid, hard and durable without limits under water.

Pine, Scots Pine - at home in Scandiavia, Scotland, the former USSR and the mountains of Europe.

Besides fir, pine is the mostly used wood - since the solid-wood-wave in the seventies also in furniture construction with a sinking tendency. As flute- and clip-boards for floors and walls inside and outside. Also useable for windows and doors.

Cherry tree - at home in all Europe till Westasia and the former USSR, in the Northafrican mountains as well.

The cherry tree began its triumph in the living rooms in Biedermeier style. Even today most of the higher quality furniture is made of cherry wood. Recently there is also instant-parquet (flute- and clip-boards) available made of the solid, silky shimmering wood of fruit-trees.

Larch - at home in the mountains of Europe

more and more used as window-wood alternative for tropical woods. It is known as "Oak among the softwoods": solid and resistent against weather conditions. Besides the wood is used in superior, mostly rustic furniture construction and for interior-finishings.

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